Bajrang Dal warns legal action against Digvijaya Singh

Bajrang Dal warns legal action against Digvijaya Singh

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The Bajrang Dal on Sunday said it would take legal action against Digvijaya Singh after the senior Congress leader alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Bajrang Dal take money from Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency.

Speaking to Aaj Tak, Bajrang Dal national convenor Sohan Solanki condemned Digvijaya Singh's statement, refuted the charges and said that he would take legal action against him for his remarks.

Sohan Solanki also said that no worker of the Bajrang Dal can ever engage in anti-national activities. "Nearly 40 lakh youth are associated with the Bajrang Dal across the country, it is the largest youth organisation in the country and Bajrang Dal always serves everyone selflessly," he said, adding, "Digvijaya Singh cannot understand this because of his anti-Hindu mindset."

He said, "If someone becomes blind in monsoon, all he sees is greenery for the rest of his life. Digvijay Singh ji got blind in the month of anti-Hindu mentality, so he cannot see the good work done by the Hindu organisations in the country. To see nationalist activities, he will have to take next birth."

On being asked about Balram, an accused in a terror-funding case, being associated with the Bajrang Dal, Sohan Solanki clarified that the accused was never a member of the organisation.

"Balram never joined the Bajrang Dal. Digvijaya is blaming the Bajrang Dal unnecessarily because he has lost his importance in India's politics. He has been on the expiry date, so he wants to remain in the headlines in some way to maintain his political existence," he said.