AICC President should clarify whether her party supports scrapping Article 370: Joshi

AICC President should clarify whether her party supports scrapping Article 370: Joshi

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Belagavi, Aug 31: Union Minister of ParliamentaryAaffairs and senior BJP leader Prahlad Joshi today urged the All India Congress Committee (AICC) President Sonia Gandhi to clarify whether her party supported scrapping Article 370 and 35-A applied in Jammu and Kashmir or no. Speaking to newsmen here on Saturday, on the sidelines of Third Graduation Day program at Gogate Institute of Technology (GIT) here, he said, Pakistan has quoted Rahul's statement in United Nations and hence the clarification is necessary. He said that ' Swachtha Hi Seva' awareness program will start from October 2 in the country headed by Prime Minster Narendra Modi.

Plastic awareness is very necessary, many domestic and wild animals eat the plastic materials with food and died many times at many places, Plastic Ban and Awareness against use of Plastic is very necessary. He said that nationwide ban on Single use plastic (SUP) will be effective from October 2 and license of producers of such plastics will be cancelled. SUP is very dangerous to the environment. He said that there will be 100 per cent foreign direct investment in Coal Mining Sector. We are importing coal to the tune of 150 million tones though we are the Fifth largest coal producer in the world. By 2024 the coal requirement will be 1000 million tons for producing thermal power, he added.

He said that all precautions will be taken to protect environment, Systematic and scientific mining is fully helped to the environment. Replying to a question relating to release of funds by the Union government to take relief works in flood ravaged districts in Karnataka, he said that relief funds will be provided by the center after complete survey, already Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Home Minster. UNI