Kejriwal appeals for ‘10 Hafte,10 Baje,10 Minute’ movement

Kejriwal appeals for ‘10 Hafte,10 Baje,10 Minute’ movement

Agency News

New Delhi, Aug 30: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday appealed to the entire Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to make the '10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute' campaign, a mass movement to rid Delhi of Dengue and Chikungunya. Kejriwal held a meeting with all MPs, MLAs and councillors at his residence to discuss the mega campaign launched by the Delhi government against Dengue. "In 2015, there were 15,867 cases of dengue and 60 deaths. In 2018, we have brought this down to 2,798 cases and four deaths. This year, the number of deaths so far is zero. I am confident that through this campaign we can defeat dengue in Delhi.

We have to make it a mass movement and involve the people,'' he said. "For the next 10 weeks, every Sunday morning, every one of us will check our own homes to make sure there is no standing clean water, because the dengue mosquito only breeds in clean water. This will need just ten minutes every Sunday, but these ten minutes will go a long way towards protecting our families from dengue," he said. "The dengue mosquito typically doesn't fly beyond 200 metres so we should not only check our own homes, but also request our neighbouring homes to check," the CM said. He also requested the participants to share their pictures and videos on social media to encourage more participation. Kejriwal sought suggestions and inputs from the participants to encourage adoption of this campaign.(UNI)