FM slams Rahul Gandhi’s chor jibe over Rs 1.76L crore transfer

FM slams Rahul Gandhi’s chor jibe over Rs 1.76L crore transfer

Agency News

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for accusing the government over the borrowing of money from RBI. Earlier, taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi accused the government of "stealing money from the RBI. Hitting out at Rahul’s comment, Nirmala Sitharaman said, "Rahul Gandhi says chor [thief], I won't say the same word. The Congress is stuck with the chor tag, they are experts in using this word. I would have wanted Congress to not sully RBI's reputation."

"Whenever Rahul Gandhi raises things like 'chor,chori,' one thing comes to my mind, he tried his best 'chor, chor,chori,' but the public gave him befitting reply. What's the point of using the same words again?" Nirmala Sitharaman asked. She accused the Congress of maligning the reputation of the Reserved Bank of India. "This was a committee appointed by RBI, outlandish is the word that I will use for the way comments are being made on RBI's reputation. It is worrying that a committee appointed by RBI experts is now being questioned," Nirmala Sitharaman exclaimed.

On Tuesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also accused the prime minister and the finance minister were "clueless" about solving the "self-created economic disaster". Gandhi's reaction came after the RBI allowed the government to take Rs 1.76 lakh crore from its reserves to provide a fresh impetus to the economy.