Critical components for Gaganyaan mission : India, Russia to discuss during EEF meet

Critical components for Gaganyaan mission : India, Russia to discuss during EEF meet

Agency News

Chennai, Aug 25 : A top level meeting between India and Russia will be
held during the September 4-6 Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in which supply
of critical components by Russia for India's manned mission, Gaganyaan, is
likely to be discussed.

The Indian Space Agency has planned its human space mission in 2022, to
mark the 75th Independence day and work in this regard has already been

As per initial plans, India is likely to send 3/4 astronauts to Space.
A release issued by Roscosmos--the Russian Space Agency--said its Director
General Dmitry Rogozin held a working meeting with Indian National Security
Advisor to the Prime Minister Ajit Doval in Moscow on August 21.

The meeting was mainly dedicated to the questions that might be discussed
at the Russia-India top-level meeting, which is planned during the EEF.
During the nearest meetings the sides intend to discuss the Russo-Indian
Cooperation perspectives in the sphere of the piloted spaceflights, as well
as satellite navigation and engine technology.

Mr Rogozin and Mr Doval took a favorable view of the work according to the
contract between Glavkosmos and the Indian Space Research Organisation
(ISRO) to select and prepare four Indian cosmonauts at the Yuri Gagarin
Cosmonaut Training Center.

It said the sides also discussed possible Indian crewed flight carrier rocket
aerodynamic tests, as well as piloted vehicle and crew rescue system.
It is planned to reach an agreement by the end of this month.

Moreover, Russia and India are expecting to negotiate the contracts to supply
windows, crew seats and spacesuits for the Indian crewed mission.(UNI)