Chidambaram speaks in CBI court

Chidambaram speaks in CBI court

Agency News

In order to prove that he did not leave questions unanswered, former Finance Minister Chidambaram has spoken in the CBI court on Thursday at the end of the argument over his remand.

Earlier, in the argument for CBI, Thushar Mehta said that Chidambaram has tremendous potential of not cooperating in probe since he is highly intelligent. In order to give a clarification, Chidambaram requested the court to permit him to speak. After deliberations, court allowed Chidambaram to speak.

In his reply Chidambaram said: “Please look at the questions and answers, there are no questions which I have not answered, please read the transcript. They asked if I have a bank account abroad, I said no, they asked if my son has an account abroad I said yes”.