Chidambaram arrest: BJP sees ‘vindication’ of PM Modi’s electoral promise

Chidambaram arrest: BJP sees ‘vindication’ of PM Modi’s electoral promise

Agency News

New Delhi, Aug 21 : The BJP on Wednesday welcomed the arrest of senior Congress leader and former Home Minister P Chidambaram and suggested that the latest development in the fierce politico-legal battle is only vindication of what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised on the eve of general elections this year.

Minutes after Mr Chidambaram's arrest, BJP's IT cell chief Amit Malviya tweeted a video where PM Modi in April 2019 had said "...jinhoney desh ko loota hae, unko pai pai lautani padegi". Mr Modi also had said: "Some are on bail while some are getting dates from courts. I have managed to take these corrupt people to the doors of jail. One more term, and they can be pushed into it."

"You all have seen since 2014, with your support, I have taken these people to doors of jail. Investigations are on and after 2019....," Mr Modi has said. A senior parliamentarian, Chidambaram also parted ways from Congress in 1990s and was part of UF government as Finance Minister as a nominee of Tamil Manila Congress. On Wednesday, he became the first former Finance and Home Minister of the country to have been 'arrested'. UNI