Modi’s name will be included in reformers’ list: Amit Shah on Triple Talaq Bill

Modi’s name will be included in reformers’ list: Amit Shah on Triple Talaq Bill

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New Delhi, Aug 19: Terming practice of Triple Talaq was historic wrong and no party had courage to abolish it, Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's name will be included in the list of great reformers in the country. While assuring the Muslim women that they would be benefited a lot with its abolition, Mr Shah said, "I believe that the name of Narendra Modi will be added into the list of reformers in the country as he ended the historic wrong Triple Talaq." Speaking at Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation's event on "Abolition of Triple Talaq: Correcting a historic wrong" here, the minister said those who were opposed the Triple Talaq legislation on the floor of House, knew that its an evil practice.

Taking a dig at the Congress party over voting against the Bill, Mr Shah said, "Even today, Congress has no shame, they say they are in favour of triple talaq and it should stay. Why? They have no answer. They didn't give a single justification for their stand and argued just to register protest so their vote bank stays intact." Naming 19 countries where Triple Talaq has been banned, the minister said, "Out of 19 countries, 18 are Islamic nations and they have ended this evil social practice between 1922-1963. But in India, we were not able to abolish it in last 56 years. It was because that political parties were playing appeasement and vote bank politics."

He also said that the politics of appeasement and vote bank have cost the nation a lot. He also assured the Muslim women and said, "I would like to make it clear that the triple talaq (Bill) is only for the benefit of the Muslim community, not for anything else. Hindus, Christians, & Jains are not going to benefit by it because they never had to suffer due to it." Appreciating the Narendra Modi government, the home minister said, "In last 5.5 years, over 25 historic decisions or steps were taken to give the country a better direction. Triple Talaq is just an example. Further, he added, "If we would not have brought this Bill, it would have been a blot on our democracy." Muslim women have fought very tough in ending this menace.

Under this law, there is a provision of three years of jail term. In an effort to stop the misuse, only the victim and her blood relatives can file the case, Mr Shah added. He also criticised former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi for turning down the Supreme Court's judgement in Shah Bano case. "Under pressure from orthodox Muslims and politics of appeasement, Mr Gandhi who had huge mandate turned down the apex court's judgement." Mr Shah also said, "She (Shah Bano) struggled so much for this movement. But Rajiv Gandhi who had become prime minister with 400 seats brought in a law and overturned Supreme Court's verdict. It was considered a black day. Congress is still shamefully trying to defend their stand it."

Hitting hard at the political parties who are involved in dynastic, casteist and appeasement politics, the home minister said, "The people had given their mandate in 2014 to Narendra Modi to all these menace. Things were started in 2014 only and in 2019 it has ended completely." In the recently concluded session of Parliament, the Modi government passed the Triple Talaq Bill despite lacking majority in Rajya Sabha.  UNI