Triple Talaq an example; vote bank politics harmed nation: Shah

Triple Talaq an example; vote bank politics harmed nation: Shah

Agency News

New Delhi, Aug 18 : BJP chief and Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday lashed out at the Congress and other Opposition parties for their continued appeasement policies and said such an approach had only encouraged vote bank politics and this has harmed nation.

"Some parties have opposed framing of laws to ban Triple Talaq. This originates from appeasement politics. The appeasement politics slowly became a tool to pursue vote bank politics. Triple Talaq is just an example. The vote bank politics has harmed nation in many ways," Shah said at a function here.

He said the Shah Bano case surfaced in the 1980s, but the Rajiv Gandhi Government did not show the determination and political will to take measures against Triple Talaq.
"....but the situation is changed. Now we have BJP government and Rajiv Gandhi was no longer the Prime Minister and thus it was pushed," Shah said.

Quoting the judge's order on the social menace and 'ku pratha (a superstitious practice)', he said when Triple Talaq was 'sin' in the Quran why it should be considered a law.

The Minister said as many as 19 countries, including several Islamic nations, had banned triple talaq way back in the 1960s and it was only 'due to appeasement politics' none in the past had taken steps against it.

At a meeting organised by the Syama Prasad Mukherjee Manch, Shah said: "There is a difference between those who practise vote bank politics and others who want to work for inclusive development. For ensuring inclusive development of the country, one has to work hard. One has to do proper planning. For this you need compassion in heart and not the simple greed for votes".