SC gives more time to Govt to end blackout in Kashmir

SC gives more time to Govt to end blackout in Kashmir

Agency News

The Supreme Court on Friday has given more time to the Centre to end the blackout in Kashmir.

Hearing a petition moved on the restrictions against journalists, the court said that the government is lifting restrictions and there should be trust on the security agencies. Hearing a petition filed by Kashmir Times editor Anuradha Bhasin, CJI Gogoi said, "I have read in the papers today that by today evening (Friday) landlines will be restored and internet will be restored. Let us give it some time."

Arguing for the Centre, the Attorney General said, "The Kashmir Times is being published every day from Jammu. We are lifting restrictions day after day. Why can't they publish from Srinagar? Other papers are publishing."

A total of 7 petitions were brought before CJI Gogoi's bench on Friday and four had to be sent back to be cured of defects.

After the defects are cured, these petitions on Article 370 may be again heard next week.