India will never lose capacity to listen to feeblest voice: President

India will never lose capacity to listen to feeblest voice: President

Agency News

New Delhi, Aug 14 : Expressing confidence President Ram Nath Kovind on Wednesday said that India will never lose its capacity to listen to the feeblest voice.

In an address to the nation ahead of 73rd Independence Day here, Mr Kovind said, "... that it will never lose sight of its ancient ideals; that it will forget neither its sense of fairness nor its sense of adventure. We Indians are a people who dare to explore the moon and Mars. We are also a people who persevere to create a loving habitat for three of every four wild tigers on our planet, because it is characteristic of Indianness to empathise with nature and with all living beings."

"May those ideals and may that urge to learn and to listen and to become better, may that curiosity and may that fraternalism, always be with us. May it always bless us, and always bless India," he added.

On diplomatic front, the President said, "This spirit of cooperation is what we bring to our diplomatic endeavours as well, as we gladly share our experiences and our strengths with partner countries in every continent. At home and abroad, in domestic discourse and in foreign policy, let us always be conscious of the magic and uniqueness of India."

On youth of this country, Mr Kovind added, "The energies of our young are being channelized in so many directions – in a quest for excellence from sport to science, from scholarship to soft skills. This is heart-warming. Nevertheless, the greatest gift we can give our young and our coming generations is to encourage and institutionalise a culture of curiosity– especially in the classroom. Let us listen to our children – for through them the future whispers to us."

India is celebrating 73-year of freedom on Thursday across the country. (UNI)