Centre declare floods in country ‘National Disaster’, demands Congress

Centre declare floods in country ‘National Disaster’, demands Congress

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New Delhi, Aug 11: Congress on Sunday demanded that the Centre should declare the current flood situation in the country as 'National Disaster' and immediately release funds as per demands of specific state governments.

The principal opposition party also demanded that the Central government to release White Paper on 'flood preparedness' or 'flood management projects' and 'rehabilitation schemes' for current displacements. Addressing a press conference here, Congress national spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill said states in India have come under the grip of floods caused by consistent rains swallowing hundreds of lives, causing grave damage to livestock, rendering numerous families homeless and causing irreparable loss.

'The Indian National Congress, at the very outset, expresses solidarity with the residents of the flood affected areas and gratitude to the various rescue teams including Indian Army, Indian Navy, National Disaster Response Force and every individual or organization involved in ongoing rescue operations,' he said.

Mr Shergill maintained that the Centre should stop indulging in 'photo-opism' and display 'activism' in assisting flood-impacted States and to prevent further loss. 'Unfortunately, the Central Government has displayed insensitive, lackadaisical, partisan behavior towards flood fury in India,' he said.

The Congress leader said as per '2017 CAG Report on Schemes for Flood Control', in 17 selected States/UTs Flood Management Projects could not be completed due to 'shortfall' in Central Funding. He also stated that Assam is consistently under the grip of floods witnessing loss of millions of lives. As per RTI, Assam has not received a single rupee from the Central Govt 'National Disaster Response Fund' , he added.

The BJP Maharashtra Government rather than providing passionate assistance is attaching 'insensitive, senseless' conditions to help, he alleged, adding that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavisis was busy in 'self-promotion by putting his pictures on food packages rather than ensuring required assistance'.

The southern state of Kerala, Mr Shergill said, which witnessed estimated Rs 10,000 crore loss due to floods last year, received merely released Rs 3,000 crore as relief package from the Centre.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi should provide required assistance to Kerala in the ongoing crisis and shun politics of favoritism, he said. (UNI)