Srinagar curfew relaxation for Eid


The government will gauge the public mood in the Kashmir Valley on Eid when they will be allowed to offer prayers and celebrate the  festival of sacrifice. Eid-ul-Adha falls on Sunday and Monday.

According to the government plan, there will be relaxation in curfew during festival days so  people can celebrate the way they have been doing it in the past. The move carries two messages — that the curfew is not going to be a prolonged affair if there is peace and, second and more importantly, the scrapping of special status has nothing to do with religious orientation of any kind.

The Valley is calm, but the forces will stay for quite some time till things normalise, a highly placed source said. This is a firm hint that the forces would be thinned in a rotational manner during Eid. He said to prevent trouble, the relaxation in curfew would be given at different timings so that the people can offer prayers.

The big congregation would be under the watch of forces to keep these safe from trouble-mongers. It is not clear whether the government will allow the congregation at idgahs, where traditionally Kashmiris offer prayers. 'Small congregations is the answer, so that there is no trouble because some mischievous elements are always out to cause trouble,' he said.