Congress Working Committee meeting on August 10

Congress Working Committee meeting on August 10

Agency News

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting is expected to take place on August 10, weeks after Rahul Gandhi stepped down as Congress President.

The meeting would be the first since Rahul Gandhi had announced his intention to step down from the party chief's post days after the Lok Sabha election results were announced in May. The meeting considered as crucial as the leadership crisis is engulfing the Congress as Priyanka Gandhi also rejected the offer of becoming Congress President. Recently, refuting the party whip, around five Congress MPs evaded the voting on the crucial Triple Talaq Bill in Rajya Sabha which led to the passing of the Bill. But nobody questioned or took any action against these MPs. The recent fall of Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka was another setback. Except the recent fight by Priyanka in UP for tribals, the Congress is showing the sign of an aging party with no leadership.

As Rahul Gandhi has been insistent on his decision to step down from the post and despite party leaders' repeated refusal, asked them to look for a replacement. He has also made it clear that the replacement cannot be his mother or sister.

The party, however, has made no move to plan for a successor -- a situation that made its senior leader Shashi Tharoor warn of a growing discontent within the ranks and the possibility of an exodus.