Pak ‘nagar kirtan’ arrives in India

Pak ‘nagar kirtan’ arrives in India


For the first time after Independence, a ‘Nagar Kirtan’, taken out from Nankana Sahib district of Pakistan’s Punjab province, arrived in Amritsdar  on Thursday to mark the 550th birth anniversary celebrations of  Guru Nanak Dev.

The ‘Nagar Kirtan’ (religious procession), carrying the holy Guru Granth Sahib, crossed over to India from Pakistan in the afternoon. Around 500 Sikh devotees, who were part of the procession, reached here through the land transit route of the Attari border.

Several  Punjab government ministers, along with senior officials of the Amritsar district administration, received the ‘Nagar Kirtan’ at the border. The top leadership of the opposition Shriomani Akali Dal was also present.

A large number of devotees from the Indian side stormed the roads when the ‘Nagar Kirtan’ arrived in a decorated palanquin.