BJP MP Dubey slams ‘candle lighting’ activists vis-a-vis child abuse

BJP MP Dubey slams ‘candle lighting’ activists vis-a-vis child abuse

Agency News

New Delhi, Aug 1: BJP lawmaker Nishikant Dubey on Thursday slammed the ivory tower NGO activists and other self styled social workers who over the years took to streets with candle lit processions but did little in terms of concrete actions against the offenders of sexual child abuse.

Participating in the debate on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Bill, the vocal lawmaker from Godda constituency in Jharkhand said - time has come for action against such defaulters and it goes to the credit of the Modi government that an effective Bill has been brought in.

"Tum chhor do rasm mom battiyon jalane ki, ab baari hae darinde ko jalane ki (Time to give up the ceremony of lighting candles, it is time to take actions against the offenders)," Mr Dubey said.

In this context, he said the illustrious Nelson Mandela used to say that the soul of any society or country lives in its children and thus it is imperative that adequate steps ought to be taken to safe guard children from such abuses.

While he said he is against the idea of comparing India with any western country, at the same time it ought to be mentioned that in the US there are very strict laws for protecting child rights. "Even parents can be booked merely for scolding or slapping a child ....," he said.

"Our society is different...," he remarked but maintained that at the same time "we ought to note that even in India we have been facing these instances of child abuse sexually for long time".

He said the Modi government and the Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani thus ought to be complimented for bringing the clause of death penalty. "The government has shown the political will," he said.

The BJP lawmaker said in the contemporary setting children and even school going students have developed the habits of going to lavish parties, smoking and drinking but there is 'no control or mechanism of putting any restriction' on these. (UNI)