West Delhi MP kicks up row over demand for action on Masjids

West Delhi MP kicks up row over demand for action on Masjids

Agency News

New Delhi, Jul 31: West Delhi BJP lawmaker Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma on Wednesday demanded that a Special Investigation Team - SIT - be set up to take appropriate actions against mosques, graveyards and 'Mazars' those are erected on government land without proper authorisation.

Participating in the debate on The Public Premises Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants Amendment Bill, Mr Verma said "Such things can happen only in our country...We have a culture of appeasement politics" - and said government needs to take actions against "illegal" construction of mosques, Mazaras and graveyards.

Amid strong protest from opposition members, the lawmaker said "even in my constituency and in Delhi, there are at least 500 such places where lands belonging to DDA, Delhi government and civic bodies have been encroached and there are illegal Masjids and graveyards.

"In this context, I have written to Delhi Lt Governor with a list of 54 such spots and sought actions. When I talk to other Members also, they say it is happening all over the country," Mr Verma remarked.

He said Union Urban Development and Housing Minister Hardeep Puri should immediately set up a SIT and "I will provide you information about encroachment on land under your ministry and under DDA".

Mr Verma, son of former Delhi Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma, also said "Whenever I raise these issues, people and even media friends ask whether I will also talk about temples and Gurudwaras".

"My answer is I do raise similar questions....You give me a list of temples and Gurudwaras. If necessary take actions," he said.

Amid repeated objections from opposition members, Rajendra Agrawal, who was on the chair, said only what is being said by Mr Verma will go on record.

"When you get chance, you will get chance to make your point," Mr Agrawal told opposition members.

But in last five years, he has not found a single spot (in his constituency) where there was a case of encroachment of land for construction of temples and Gurudwaras, Mr Verma said.

"These government lands could be made use for making hospitals and schools," he said.

Saugata Roy of Trinamool Congress said some of the remarks from the BJP member were not in proper tone and spirit. (UNI)