Siddhartha’s death: Vijay Mallya plays victim card

Siddhartha’s death: Vijay Mallya plays victim card

Agency News

Fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya has slammed government over Coffee baron VG Siddhartha's death.

Mallya termed the IT department's continuous harassment against VG Siddhartha as 'vicious'. In a series of tweets, Mallya heavily criticized both Central and State government machineries and their anti-business approach.

In a Tweet, Mallya said: “I am indirectly related to VG Siddhartha. Excellent human and brilliant entrepreneur. I am devastated with the contents of his letter. The Govt Agencies and Banks can drive anyone to despair. See what they are doing to me despite offer of full repayment. Vicious and unrelenting.”

In another tweet, playing a victim card Mallya said: “In Western Countries, Government and Banks help borrowers repay their debts. In my case they are obstructing every possible effort for me to repay my debt whilst competing for my assets. As far as the prima facie criminal case goes wait for the appeal granted.”