Triple talaq Bill does not consider the situation of women: Cong

Triple talaq Bill does not consider the situation of women: Cong

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New Delhi, July 30: Opposing the criminalization aspect of the triple talaq Bill, the Congress on Tuesday said the Bill does not give a thoughtful consideration of the situation of Muslim women.

Initiating the debate on the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019, the Congress lawmaker Amee Yajnik said,' this Bill was moved without a thoughtful consideration of the situation of women. The criminalisation angle in the draft is dangerous one. '

Talking about the fate of the woman whose husband would end up in jail because of this Bill, she said, “If the husband is in jail, how would she survive? “
She also said that women across religions, across caste face desertion.
"Why does this government not care about the plight of all women ”, she asked. Arguing against the bill, she said,' this Bill is to abolish triple talaq, but the SC has already struck it down. How can you bring a law to strike down something that has already been struck down by the SC?'

She also said that Bill has brought a stranger, an alien factor, into the private realm of husband and wife and says it violates the dignity of the woman. "This Bill is useless if it does not uphold the dignity of the woman."

Noting that providing maintenance was left to the discretion of the magistrate, she said, ‘the Bill did not define as how a husband would be going to give maintenance if he already going to face criminal proceedings? The Bill has not said about the future children when the parents are fighting the case in the court and also did not take into account the trauma and the stigma that the wife and children will have to fac.'

“A woman is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a sister. Empower ALL women. Give them economic empowerment, social empowerment so they can walk with their head held high. I support this Bill but not the criminalization part."Ms Yagnik said. Speaking on the Bill, the JD (U) Member Bashistha Narain Singh said that the every Party had its ideology and the Party try to follow those ideals. “We do not support this Bill and in protest we are walking out”, Mr Singh said and walked out the House with Members of his party.

Responding to the arguments by the Congress member, Union Minister of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, in an intervention, referred to the Shah Bano case to show how the Congress government brought up a law to negate the Supreme Court judgement on this case.

"If we are bringing a law on the heels of the SC judgement, it is to enforce the law, to make it effective” Mr Naqvi said.

Responding to Ms Yajnik's question about what the Government had done for women in the last five years, he listed out the BJP Government's different schemes for the welfare of the women.

Referring to the Muslim Personal Law, Mr Naqvi also said this House also needed to debate on the issue of whether a common law would be applicable across the country or not. (UNI)