Copters shower petals on kanwarias

Copters shower petals on kanwarias


Keeping up the novel practice the Uttar Pradesh government last year,  Shiva's  devotees 'kanwarias' were showered with flower petals from a helicopter in Ghaziabad by top administrative officials.The District Magistrate, Mr.  Ajay Shankar Pandey,  and the Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr.  Sudhir Kumar Singh, took a chopper to hover all over the district and showered flower petals on 'kanwarias', said officials.

The chopper provided by the state government took off from the Harsaon police lines ground with the two officials on board and they 'rained' flower petals on 'kanwarias' clogging various arterial roads of the city on their way back from Rishikesh with pitchers of the Ganga water.

'Besides showering rose petals, security was also monitored thoroughly by us,' said Mr. Pandey. 'We both were connected with the police control room and we instructed officials of concerned areas to manage traffic and security there,' he said.