Pilot project to store Yamuna waters

Pilot project to store Yamuna waters


A  new lease of life for the Yamuna river is likely to change the water scenario of the national capital. A pilot project for  storing overflowing water from the Yamuna  in its floodplains, has received a final approval with clearance from the National Green Tribunal (NGT). According to a report, this project,  headed by the state irrigation and flood control department, involves  creation of a mega reservoir between  Palla and Wazirabad, comprising some small ponds. Farmers willing to lease land for this project would be paid a sum of Rs 77,000 per acre on a yearly basis.

A statement from  the Chief Minister’s office claimed  the project has cleared the way for Delhi to serve as a role model for the rest of the country on water conservation and recharging groundwater.The statement said the project is set to begin due to the efforts of Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal, who had met every authority to get the project cleared. All the approvals were received within 45 days, including the clearance from the Upper Yamuna River Board, the Central Ground Water Board as well as the Central Water Commission.

  • The project is spread over 1,000 acres, but the pilot will be done on an area of around 50 to 100 acres, according to an official.
  • This year, it will be done on a smaller patch of land. It will be extrapolated next year based on the assessment.
  • The state officials held a meeting with farmers to discuss the leasing land for the project and many farmers have expressed interest.
  • The official estimates indicate a capacity of storing around 2,100 million gallons  across the entire project area in each cycle of flooding, as per sources.
  • This pilot project has been identified as the ‘first of its kind in the country’, and institutions including the IIT-Delhi as well as the National Institute of Hydrology have studied the potential.