Rahul slams Modi Govt for RTI amendments

Rahul slams Modi Govt for RTI amendments

Agency News

New Delhi, July 27: Lashing out at the Narendra Modi government for the passing of the amendments in the Right to Information Act , Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday alleged that the government is diluting RTI to help the corrupt steal from the country.
"Government is diluting RTI in order to help the corrupt steal from India. Strange that the normally vociferous anti-corruption crowd has suddenly disappeared, Gandhi tweeted along with a hashtag #GovtMurdersRTI. The Congress leader's criticism came two days after the Parliament has passed the amendment bill, rejecting opposition's demand to send the legislation to the House's Select Committee.

While the Lok Sabha passed the amendments on Monday, the Rajya Sabha approved the amendment bill on Thursday after the House rejected the motion to send the bill to a select committee with 75 voting in its favour and 117 voting against it. Earlier, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi had also criticised the Modi government and alleged that the transparency law 'is on the brink of extinction'.
"It is a matter of utmost concern that the Central government is hell-bent on completely subverting the historic Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005. This law, prepared after wide-spread consultations and passed unanimously by Parliament, now stands on the brink of extinction", Ms Gandhi had said in a statement.
Ms Gandhi headed the National Advisory Council during UPA-I and was involved in discussions and consultations in formulating the draft bill.

The opposition alleges that the changes, including the provision that salaries and tenures of Information Commissioners at the states and centre will be decided by the central government, is a move to interfere in the independent functioning of the transparency body. (UNI)