PM says Chandrayan-2 is Indian to the core

PM says Chandrayan-2 is Indian to the core

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New Delhi, Jul 28: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said Chandrayan-2 mission launched recently was "completely swadeshi" and hoped that such scientific achievements will continue to inspire our youth towards science and innovation.

In his monthly radio broadcast Mann-Ki-Baat through All India Radio, Modi also announced a unique quiz competition for students and said the successful ones "will get an opportunity" to witness the moment when Chandrayaan would be landing on the surface of the Moon.

"For these winners, it will be a historic event of their life. But for that, you will have to participate in the Quiz competition, score the highest & be a winner," Modi said. The Prime Minister said the two greatest lessons from Chandrayaan-2 launched on July 22 are 'Faith and Fearlessness'.

"We should trust our talents and capacities; we should have faith in them," he said, adding that "you will be glad to know that Chandrayaan-2 is Indian to the core.'  "It is thoroughly Indian in heart and spirit. It is completely a Swadeshi, home grown mission. This mission has proved beyond doubt, once again, that when it comes to attempting an endeavour in new age, cutting edge areas, with innovative zeal, our scientists are second to none. They are the best… they are world class," he said.

Modi said the second important lesson is – "never lose hope" in the face of stumbling blocks or obstacles.  "The way our scientists rectified Technical issues in record time, burning the midnight oil, is in itself an exemplary, unparalleled task".

He further said: "We have to face temporary setbacks in life… but always remember- the capacity to overcome them resides within us. I fervently hope that the Chandrayaan 2 mission will inspire our youth towards Science and Innovation. After all, Science is the path to progress".

The Prime Minister went onto say - "We are now expectantly waiting for the month of September, when Lander Vikram and Rover Pragyan will land on Lunar surface". Announcing new quiz competition, he said: "I invite young boys and girls to a Quiz Competition. Your inquisitiveness regarding Space, India’s Space Mission, Science and Technology will be the salient features of this Quiz Competition. For example, How is a rocket launched, how is a satellite placed in orbit, what information do we gather from a satellite, what is A-Sat… and many more of these".

The details of this competition will be available on the Mygov website.
"I urge my young friends, students to participate in this competition and make it interesting and memorable through their participation. I specially call upon schools, parents, enthusiastic teachers & mentors to strive hard to ensure victory for their respective schools and encourage all students to join," Mr Modi said. (UNI)