Kargil Vijay Diwas: Army chief warns Pak of ‘bloodier nose’ next time

Kargil Vijay Diwas: Army chief warns Pak of ‘bloodier nose’ next time

Agency News

Drass, Jul 26 : As the nation celebrates 20th anniversary of Indian Army’s victory in the Kargil war, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Friday warned Pakistan of a ‘bloodier nose’ if it chooses to go into another war with India.

'This was a misadventure. Misadventures are normally not repeated. You'll get a bloodier nose next time,” General Rawat said when asked for his message to Pakistan at a press conference in Drass in Ladakh region during the Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrations on Friday.

Gen Rawat said he wants to convey to the countrymen that they can be rest assured that any task given to defence services will always be accomplished no matter how difficult it is. 'Our soldiers will continue to man and guard our borders,' he said. 'I recall the statement by the then Prime Minister (Atal Bihari) Vajpayee when he said that Indian forces have been directed to remove infiltration. He went to add that even before we launch the forces, we are confident the victory will be ours, and the forces didn't let him down,' the Army chief said.

Despite icy heights and difficult circumstances, he said Indian soldier ensured that the task given to him was completed. 'He knew that he had to live by the reputation of Indian Army,' he said. Gen Rawat said today is a day to pay homage to those who laid their lives, those who were wounded and to those who supported the units and formations involved in combat.

Talking about modernising the Army’s inventory, the Army chief said that the focus is on the Artillery weapon system. 'We are looking at modernising our inventory. Our focus is on Artillery weapon system, by 2020 we will get the Howitzers. We are manufacturing K-9 Vajra in collaboration with South Korea in the country now. Two Bofors like guns are also being manufactured locally under Make in India,' he said.

However, he said the modernisation of the inventory can’t happen overnight. '…because the new technology is coming in, it doesn't mean that the weapon system which you have will stop firing and can’t be used. We are still using age old weapons, and they have not become obsolete,' he said. Gen Rawat said once the Artillery weapon system is modernised then the Army will shift its focus on mechanised forces.

India is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Kargil victory across the country. On July 26, 1999 Indian troops had evicted Pakistani intruders from Indian boundary. 527 Indian soldiers had to made supreme sacrifice during the three-month long war. The war memorial in Drass has around 500 tombstones with the names of soldiers inscribed in them. (UNI)