Delhi Police seize 130 kg Afghan heroin in Mumbai

Delhi Police seize 130 kg Afghan heroin in Mumbai

Agency News

New Delhi, Jul 26: Delhi Police special cell on Friday seized more than 260 jute bags containing 130 kilograms of soaked and dried Afghan heroin from Mumbai.

According to police sources, the contraband was being brought in under the cover of Basil seed consignment. The contraband originated from Islam Qila, Herat, Afghanistan, and then came by sea to Mumbai via Bandar Abbas, Iran.

Two people have been arrested including a Delhi-based mastermind and one Afghan national from Kandahar.

It is one of the rare seizures made wherein the heroin has been brought through sea route from the Afghan region after a very long time. police sources added. With the crackdown on this module in the ongoing operation against drugs so far, the amount of heroin seized is more than 330 kg worth around Rs 1,320 crore of street value.

The kind of modus operandi indicates towards the sophistication and the kind of influence the organised syndicate has. Further probe is continuing in the matter. (UNI)