‘Super 30’ mathematician says Delhi’s govt schools gives model for India

‘Super 30’ mathematician says Delhi’s govt schools gives model for India

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New Delhi, Jul 24 : Mathematician Anand Kumar whose biopic 'Super 30' has been recently released, on Wednesday said the government schools in Delhi give him hope, and are a model that need to be urgently replicated across the country.
Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia accompanied Anand Kumar, the founder of Super 30 classes and the inspiration of a recent Bollywood film, to Delhi government's Shaheed Hemu Kalani Sarvodaya Vidyalaya in Lajpat Nagar on Wednesday. The two visited a Happiness Class during the 'Happiness Utsav', which is being celebrated in government schools from July 16th to 31st. Kumar also took a tour of the school, including the science laboratories, libraries, music room, art room, etc.

Impressed by the government schools of Delhi, Anand Kumar said, 'I too had studied in a government school as a child. But today, the condition of government schools across the country has deteriorated to such an extent that there is a huge gap between private school and government schools. But the government schools in Delhi gives me hope. These schools are equipped to match up to private schools and I have a desire to learn in the students here. Delhi’s government schools give us a model that needs to be urgently replicated across the country. In fact, I would like to congratulate Manish Sisodia because I have heard great things about Delhi’s education revolution not just in India but abroad as well.'

'The Happiness Class is extremely beneficial to students. It is clear the children in this school are stress free. This is a positive sign for the children, the school and the country's future. Schools across the country need to adopt this curriculum. Children learn only when they are meaningfully engaged and interested in school,' he said.
Both Anand Kumar and Education Minister Mr Sisodia attended a Happiness class and closely interacted with the students. The Deputy CM said,'Students usually want to meet film stars. But today they have the opportunity to meet someone whose life has inspired even the film stars. Anand Kumar has helped students from very humble backgrounds achieve their IIT-JEE dreams. He is a true Guru. His story is a living example of how some people use failure as their ladder to the top through their perseverance, courage and positive attitude to life. We have to aspire to be more like him."

Much to the delight of all students and teachers, Anand Kumar also announced that he will conduct a virtual class every month for all students of grades 11th and 12th, studying in Delhi's government schools.For students hoping to seek admission to IITs, this will be a golden opportunity.

He advised students to have courage to achieve their dreams and said, 'Delhi government school students are very fortunate- they have the best facilities and guidance, and they can achieve anything they aspire to.' In light of the inspiration that Anand Kumar's life story provides to both teachers and students, Mr Sisodia announced that the film 'Super 30' will be made tax-free in Delhi, to reach out to larger audiences. (UNI)