Chandrayaan-2 to reach Moon by Aug 20 : ISRO

Chandrayaan-2 to reach Moon by Aug 20 : ISRO

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Chennai, July 24: India's second Lunar Mission, Chandrayaan-2, which was launched by GSLV-kIII-M1 on Monday, was scheduled to reach Moon by August 20.

ISRO in a launch update on its website said Chandrayaan–2 spacecraft was placed into a highly elliptical orbit of 170 x 45,475 km about 16 minutes after lift off from the Second Launch Pad at Sriharikota. It said further major activities included Earth bound maneuvers, Trans Lunar Insertion, Lunar bound maneuvers, Vikram (Lander) Separation and Vikram Touch Down.

''Earthbound maneuvers are planned to be executed from today onwards culminating into Trans Lunar Insertion scheduled on August 14, 2019, which will send the Chandrayaan–2 spacecraft to Moon'', ISRO said.

As per the Mission plan, the first earth bound maneuver was carried out on today for 90 minutes from 2pm to 3.30 pm to raise the orbit to 241.5 x 45,162 km. Another maneuver will be done for an hour from 1am to 2am on July 26 (targeted orbit 262.9 x 54,848 km), another one on July 29 from 3pm to 4pm (targeted orbit 21.6 x 71341 km), and again on August two from 2pm to 3pm (orbit 233.2 x 1,43,953 km) and again on August 14 from 3am to 4am for Trans Lunar Insertion by raising the orbit to 278.4 x 4,12,505 km.

''The spacecraft is scheduled to reach the moon by August 20'', ISRO said. (UNI)