Will won’t allow Rajya Sabha to become Govt department: Azad

Will won’t allow Rajya Sabha to become Govt department: Azad

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New Delhi, Jul 23 : The Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Gulam Nabi Azad on Tuesday said that the Opposition will not allow the House to become another Government Department.

Reacting sharply over the statement made by BJP lawmaker Bhupendra Yadav that when Lok Sabha was working normally, Mr Azad said that the Upper House is permanent. “We don't have any constraint. So you cannot force us to pass a Bill just because the other House passed it. We will not allow this House to become another government department”, Mr Azad commented.

No one in the Treasury Bench has the guts to ask the Prime Minister to visit the House and respond to members. That is why you have an office in the parliament, Leader of the Opposition said. After that the entire Opposition walked out in protest.

Union Minister Thaawar Chand Gehlot appealed the opposition to come back. He said the integrity of the Prime Minister cannot be questioned like this.The Rajya Sabha was on Tuesday rocked by US President Donald Trump's remarks on Kashmir with the Opposition raising the issue in the Upper House and demanded a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, forcing three adjournment of the House, the last one till 3pm. (UNI)