Anti-Plagiarism tools will detect if anyone copy someone’s work : Experts

Anti-Plagiarism tools will detect if anyone copy someone’s work : Experts

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Hyderabad, Jul 22 : Anti plagiarism tools will detect if anyone copy, paste someone’s work or idea, Experts cuationed here on Sunday Evening.

Addressing the budding research scholars, a first-of-its kind and rare half day workshop on Effective Thesis and Dissertation Writing organized by Prashas Research Consulting Private Limited here, Dr. S. Rajya Laxmi, who works in a Pharmacy college said, UGC (University Grants Commission) guidelines says, similarities less than 10 per cent are okay, if it is more than 40 and below 60, you will be asked to withdraw your script and not allowed to publish for next two years.

If it is more than 60 percent, your script has to be withdrawn and you will be barred from publishing any work for next three years, she informed . Plagiarism may not be a crime in India, unlike in many western countries, but it is an academic dishonesty and unethical, she said.

Listing out anti-plagiarism tools such as Copy Catch Gold, Edu, Google, Jplag, Mossand Glatt Plagiarism program, she said Research Scholars can find out using these tools if they are plagiarizing any text, ideas unintentionally.

Many experts Prof D K Lal Das, Dr G Ashirvadam Gidla and Dr S Rajya Laxmi and Dr Hummers Fatima spoke about various issues pertaining to thesis and dissertation writing. The free workshop was attended by over 67 participants. (UNI)