Indian populace looks up to you: Vadra tells Rahul

Indian populace looks up to you: Vadra tells Rahul

Agency News

New Delhi, July 14 : Amid a crisis in Indian National Congress following Rahul Gandhi's decision to step down as its president, his brother-in-law and industrialist Robert Vadra on Saturday came out in support of him and said the people of the country looked up to him for direction.

The support from Vadra comes at a time when the INC is in the throes of a crisis after the Nehru-Gandhi family scion, earlier this week shared an open letter on Twitter, listing his reasons to quit from the top post. Mr Gandhi also edited his Twitter bio, removing the designation of INC president after the debacle of the party in the 17th Lok Sabha elections. 'There is so much to learn from you. The Indian populace, which comprises 65 per cent of the young (under 45 years) looks up to you and other young leaders for direction,' Mr Vadra said in a post on Facebook.

Supporting Mr Gandhi's decision to quit as INC chief, Mr Vadra said service to the nation was bigger than any party post. 'I am with you in the service of the nation which is bigger than any party post. . Let’s connect with people and serve our nation in a better way,' he said.

Lauding the Congress president, Mr Vadra said,' You have shown tremendous strength of character and your decision to build the strong grassroot connect has been applauded by one and all.' UNI