Kapil Sibal: There is a need to change the crop pattern in India.

Kapil Sibal: There is a need to change the crop pattern in India.

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“ India has only four percent of groundwater of the world and we have 18 percent population of the total world, this is going to be a major concern for the country and in this context, the crop pattern in India needs to be changes so that the groundwater is saved”, he said.

The 68 percent of groundwater is utilised in agricultural work. Wheat, paddy and sugarcane consume maximum water. By giving high Minimum Support Price (MSP) to the farmers by the Government, which encourage the farmers to cultivate more and more of these crops, the Government needs to educate them to cultivate these crops in those areas of high rainfall, Mr Sibal added.

Commenting on the Government’s programme on tap water to every house, Mr Sibal said that this will also pressurize the water table in India as this will be facilitated through the ground water which is depleting every year.

'The Government has set up a new Minister for water-Jal Shakti Ministry by merging two Ministries but the allocation for this Ministry has been reduced and these two Minstries use to get more allocation earlier,'he said..

Commenting on the Budget, the Congress member said that the Government has presented a big dreams by showing inflated data but the reality is very harsh as the 80 percent of the population still earn Rs 10 thousand or below and we talk about five trillion economy.

“You need to think how their income will be doubled in days to come. You do not have any vision for them in the financial papers and you talk about ‘Naya Bharat’(New India), Mr Kapil Sibal said.

He also said that for 8 percent GDP, the economic growth should be at least 23 percent.

'You claimed loudly that the you have reduced one lakh NPA but the reality is that the NPA is still at staggering 12 percent of the GDP, Mr Sibal added while concluding his speech,'he said.(UNI)