Cattle smugglers attack BSF, one shot dead

Cattle smugglers attack BSF, one shot dead

Agency News

New Delhi, Jul 8 : In the intervening night of July 7and 8, a Border Security Force trooper was injured by some Bangladeshi cattle smugglers and in self defence, the trooper fired them, killing one, an official statement said here on Monday.

According to the BSF, a force party, while performing ambush cum patrol in the area of responsibility of Sector-Malda (West Bengal), observed some suspected movement of 25-30 smugglers with cattle on Indian side and 20-25 smugglers on Bangladesh side.

They aggressively advanced towards the patrol party and threw high intensity torch light on party, the border guarding force official said. Observing the movement, party commander alerted all through radio set and challenged the miscreants but the miscreants paid no heed to the challenge and continued their advance towards Indo- Bangladesh Border Road in aggressive posture.Sensing imminent danger to life of ambush cum patrol party and damage to Government property, party commander used non-lethal weapon and fired two rounds of Pump Action Gun in self-defence.

"Instead of dispersing, miscreants became more aggressive and intensified their attack on ambush cum patrolling party", the force Spokesperson Shubhendu Bhardwaj said. Suddenly, around 20 to 30 miscreants also reached near a BSF trooper securing the flank of their position. This trooper challenged the miscreants but the miscreants continued advancing towards Indo- Bangladesh Border Road threatening with long and sharp edged Dah'h, he said.One of the miscreants attacked him with sharp edged Dah’h which could have been fatal, had the trooper been not alert. Still it caused grievous injury to said trooper on the left side of his Arm and back side of his head.

Sensing imminent danger to his life and in self-defence, he fired two rounds of his personal weapon INSAS to disperse the miscreants. On this miscreant fled away by taking advantage of darkness and bad weather conditions.

Meanwhile, the other members of ambush cum patrolling party also reached at the spot. On searching of the area by Ambush cum patrolling party, attacking miscreant found lying motionless on the ground,Mr Bharadwaj added.