PM bats for making economy $ 5 trillion one to end all problems including nation’s poverty

PM bats for making economy $ 5 trillion one to end all problems including nation’s poverty

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Varanasi, Jul 6 : Focusing on 'Swachh,Sunder and Swasth Bharat' and to achieve the $5 trillion economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it is the only way to end all the problems of the country and its people.

" We have to shed out poverty from our minds and think big so that we can achieve the goal of $ 5 trillion economy which is almost double what we are today , as it is the only way to end our problems. It is the size of the cake which matters and it can be compared with the size of the economy. We should be positive and not think negative," he said while adding that huge economy will change the lifestyle of the people by increasing their income.

" We have to be aware about the people who always think in negative line and questions us that this cannot be achieved. India is the youngest populated country,and we are hopeful to achieve anything we want," he said.

“Together we can achieve the goal of making India a $5 trillion economy and prove those wrong who think the target is unattainable.Only ‘professional pessimists’ question $5 trillion economy goal. These are the people to whom if you go to seek a solution for a problem, they instead confuse you even more," he said.

He said the country was run earlier also and progressed. "But now, New India is excited to 'run'. This dream is linked to us becoming a $5 trillion economy. The goal I am talking about today will force you to think afresh and will fill you with a new goal and a new enthusiasm. With new resolutions and new dreams, we will move forward and that is the way to get rid of difficulties," PM said.

PM said, "We are also focusing on building a clean India, a healthy India, a beautiful India to make the $5 trillion journey easier. The contribution made by every citizen of the country to sanitation over the years has reinforced our efforts to build a healthy India. The Ayushman Bharat Scheme is also proving to be very helpful for a healthy India. About 50 crore poor people in the country are getting free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh every year. Nearly 32 lakh poor patients have benefited so far."

The PM said the present developed countries were once undeveloped but as their citizens income increased they achieved the developed status." higher the income, will grow the purchase power, leading to increase in demand and therefore production will increase leading to more job opportunities," he said.

Addressing the BJP workers here on Saturday after launching the nation wide membership drive at Deen Dayal Hastakal Sankul at Baralalpur, where party working president J P Nadda, UP CM Yogi Adityanath, UP BJP president and Union minister Mahendra Nath Pandey, other senior party leaders and around 25,000 party workers were present, PM said new India is extremely eager to progress explaining as to why every one should know $5 trillion economy goal.

“Our vision is for the next 10 years and this five-year-target is only the first step towards it as is indicated by the Budget that was presented Friday,” said Mr Modi.
“It is essential for all of you to understand what is meant by $5 trillion economy, not only because you need to explain it to people but also to give it back to those who think India cannot achieve this goal," he added.

He said, "We have already set up a Water Power Ministry to provide water to every household in the country and a water power campaign has also been launched. It will benefit our mothers and sisters who suffer a lot for water." "More than the availability of water, the wastage and careless use of water are bigger problems. So be it use in homes or for irrigation, we have to stop the wastage of water," he said about water conservation.

Talking about the infrastructural development in the country, PM said, "We are building infrastructure throughout the country as per the requirements of the 21st century. Infrastructure for storing produce in villages, construction of modern facilities in cities, efforts are being made at all levels. the total investment in the infrastructure sector would be more than Rs 100 lakh crore in next five years besides 1.25 lakh kilometers rural roads would be constructed and nearly two crore houses to be built in villages only to have a pucca roof over every poor homeless by 2022."

Calling for the tourism the biggest way to achieve the $ 5 trillion economy ,the Varanasi MP said“These days homestay culture is gaining wide popularity. Even during the Pravasiya Bhartiya Divas, many people had offered to let guests stay at their homes. This can also be taken forward as a commercial activity, and thereby a move in the direction to become a larger economy."

He also said the practice of yoga in the country not only ensures good health of people but is also giving way to health tourism, which must be promoted and also keep the country clean so as to attract more and more tourists.

The PM also called for Blue revolution of encouraging fisheries and other trades in underground water.Mr Modi also gave several examples, how this budget has made a revolutionary change in the country's economy and how since 2014, the country has increased its economy by around $ 1 trillion when during the past 65 years it could achieve just $2 trillion economy.

On the occasion the PM did not forget to make the BJP workers aware on what they should do for achieving the $ 5 trillion economy in the country.

" We have spread to every part of the country but it is our duty to make people aware about the need to achieve the $ 5 trillion economy which is the only way to end our decade over poverty and enhance our lifestyle," he said.“The British had thought that India won’t be able to survive after they leave, but Sardar Vallabhai Patel resolved to keep India’s integrity intact. Similarly, if we resolve to do something, it is entirely possible. Those who only wish but do not have the will to achieve, their goals remain unattainable," he said to the BJP workers.

Earlier,PM Modi paid homage to Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee. He said, "I pay homage to Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee. Today I have got the opportunity to launch a membership campaign from Kashi. It is a coincidence that this building is in the name of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyayji and the programme is starting from our Kashi. That's a trinity on which we're launching a membership campaign."

He also unveiled the bronze 18 feet statue of late PM Lal Bahadur Shastri at the Babatpur airport in presence of late PM's sons Anil and Sunil Shastri. He also launched the plantation drive in his constituency too.(UNI)