No doubts about efficacy of EVMs, no question of stopping its use: Prasad

No doubts about efficacy of EVMs, no question of stopping its use: Prasad

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New Delhi, Jul 3 : Dismissing doubts of the opposition parties on the use of electronic voting machines in the Elections, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday said that there was no question of stopping their use.

Replying to a short duration discussion in Rajya Sabha on electoral reforms, Mr Prasad, responding to the doubts expressed by several members on the efficacy of the EVMs, said,’’EVMS were there even when Congress had won. So, if they win the elections, the EVMs are fine but when we win, they become suspect. When Manmohan Singh was re-elected, when Mamata Banerjee got a second term, no question of EVM arose. If Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav, Communists in Kerala formed the government, then also EVM was okay. But when the people chose Narendra Modi as their prime minister, the EVM was at fault. This is the total double standard.‘’

He said that there was no question of scrapping EVMs.

‘’There is no question to stop using EVMs in elections,’’ he said.
He said several court verdicts had said that the EVMs were safe and secure.Since 1999, 4 Lok Sabha and 122 assembly elections were conducted by EVMs.He also said that till date not even a single complaint on EVMs had been brought to their notice.
‘’If you people had no faith on EVMs, you people should not have formed government in Rajasthan, MP and other states,’’ he said.. The Minister pointed out that there was need to respect the people's verdict.‘’It is democracy which gives a common man the power to elect the leaders of the country,’’he said.

He said that the verdict of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections was a reflection of the faith of the people in the current government.

‘’Rather than pinning blame for their defeat on EVMs, the opposition should honestly analyse the results of the polls,’’he said..

He pointed out that the female voter turnout was the highest in the 2019 Elections, which meant India’s daughters are also contributing to the development of the country.

On concerns expressed on data breach of voters of the country, he assured that the government would never allow the data to be breached.

On one nation one election, he said that there was a need for discussion on the issue as election in any part of the country affects governance in other parts of the country.

‘’If assembly election is going on in any state governance comes to standstill due to model code of conduct. We need to think of it entirely from pragmatic way.

Election cycle is a cycle with no stoppage,’’he said.

He also said there was a need for one electoral law.