People’s participation is panacea to all water crisis, says PM Modi

People’s participation is panacea to all water crisis, says PM Modi

Agency News

New Delhi, Jul 01: Amid immense water crisis being confronted in many parts of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged citizens and celebrities including film stars and sports persons to rededicate themselves for water conservation and said the 'predicament' could be resolved by people's participation.
"....we can also solve this predicament by the participation of the people, 'Janbhagidari (people's participation) and their power, 'Janshakti' we are bound to find a solution through the strength, cooperation and resolution of 130 crore citizens," Prime Minister said in his maiden radio broadcast Mann Ki Baat after the general elections.
Mr Modi said - "keeping the importance of water in mind, a new Jalashakti ministry has been created in the country. This will allow faster decision-making on all subjects related to water".
He further said - "A few days ago I tried to do something different. I wrote a letter to the Sarpanchs and Gram Pradhans across the country. That in order to save water, to collect water, to save the very drops of rainwater, they should convene a meeting of the Gram Sabha and sit and discuss the resolution to this problem with the villagers".
"I tell you, water is 'paras (a magical and philosopher's stone)' and its mere touch creates and regenerates life," Prime Minister said at a time when water crisis has hit cities such as Chennai, Bengaluru and parts of Maharashtra.
"I specifically urge the luminaries belonging to different walks of life to lead promotion of water conservation through innovative campaigns.
Whether it be from the world of films, sports, our friends in the media, people belonging to social organizations, people associated with cultural organizations or people involved in conducting devotional congregations such as Katha - Kirtan, everyone should lead this movement in their own fashion," Prime Minister said.
"We must wake up the society, unite the society and join the society in this endeavour. You will see, we will find change occurring in front of our own eyes," Mr Modi said.
He said people should "share many traditional methods" that have been in use over the centuries in the country for the conservation of water.
"I urge all of you to share these traditional methods of water conservation. If any of you gets an opportunity to go to Porbandar, the place of birth of revered
Bapu, then there is a house behind the house of revered Bapu, where a 200-year old water tank still exists. It is still capable of storing water and has a mechanism to harvest rain water," he said.
In another appeal, he said: people should "share the information concerning the people who are making significant contributions towards water conservation, NGOs and everyone else associated in the area of water conservation in order to create an intensive database of individuals and organizations dedicated to water preservation".
Prime Minister said - "Come let us join water conservation, and involve ourselves in making a list of more and more innovative methods to motivate people to conserve water. You can all share your content using the # JanShakti4JalShakti hashtag". (UNI)