Those blaming EVMs do not have faith in themselves: PM

Those blaming EVMs do not have faith in themselves: PM

Agency News

New Delhi, Jun 26 : Slamming the Opposition for blaming EVMs for their loss in state assembly elections and the Lok sabha polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that those putting blame on EVMs do so as they lack faith in themselves.

'Some people kept talking about the EVM issue in this House. I want to tell them- there was a time when we were two MPs in Parliament. People mocked us. We had faith in our karyakartas. We worked hard to reach here.

'We never questioned the election process. Only those who have lost elections, blame the EVMs. This will only demoralise your cadre,' the Prime Minister said in the Rajya Sabha in his reply to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address. Pointing out the benefits of EVMs, he said, 'There was a time when headlines of newspapers after polling day would highlight booth capturing. But thanks to EVMs, we talk about increasing voting percentages.'

He charged the Opposition with hiding their failure behind EVMs. 'There have been so many elections with EVMs and parties that are present in the Rajya Sabha have got opportunities to govern in different states after elections were held through EVMs. Then, why question EVMs today? ‘he said.

Mr Modi said that the Election Commission invited parties on the issue of EVMs and only two parties came- CPI and NCP.  'I appreciate them for going to the Election commission to learn more about the issue. But, why did the rest of the parties questioning the EVMs, did not even go, they should answer,' the Prime Minister said.

He also attacked the opposition for saying that the country had lost the elections. 'Do our friends in the Congress Party feel if they do not win, India does not win? Are India and the Congress Party the same thing? No, they are not. It is important to respect our electoral process and democracy. Did India lose in Wayanad or Rae Baraeli," he asked.

'My friends in the Congress have not been able to digest victory, they have not been able to accept defeat. This is not a healthy sign in a democracy,' he said. Slamming the opposition for dismissing the idea of ‘One nation one election’, he said,'The same attitude is visible when it comes to discussing 'One Nation, One Election.' Yes, some may not like this idea or have views on this. But, it is important to present these ideas and have discussions on these.'

He said reforms in elections are a continuous process. Mr Modi said that in these elections, people had punished those who obstructed Parliament and the the process of development. "People of the country punished all who stopped an elected government from bringing in laws. People understand why bills passed in Lok Sabha get stuck in Rajya Sabha", the PM said. (UNI)