Candid discussions held between Pompeo, Jaishankar

Candid discussions held between Pompeo, Jaishankar

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New Delhi, Jun 26: External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar and the US Secretary of State Michael R Pompeo held free, frank and candid discussions here on Wednesday on wide range of issues including the situation in Iran region.

Speaking to reporters after the bilateral meeting, Dr Jaishankar said: "I made the point that Indo-Pacific is for something, not against somebody ....but for somebody and that something is peace, security, stability and prosperity". He also said India is looking at a "landscape" where a number of independent players work together for what they believe to be global good.

Agreeing to his Indian counterpart on growing ties and better understanding between the two sides, Mr Pompeo said: "The US-India partnership is already beginning to reach new heights, including our defense corporation and our common vision for free and open Indo-Pacific".Answering questions, Dr Jaishankar said both the leaders had detailed discussion about US-Iran conflict in the conflict. "We have a certain perspective on Iran, Secy Pompeo shared his views and I think both of us came better informed (at the end of the talks)".

He said there is definitely "common ground on energy" between the US and India and it is obvious that the American establishment and the US Secretary of State himself understands "what India's interests are". Dr Jaishankar said at the deliberations, both the Foreign Ministers has tried for working at "harmonizing our interests" and went onto remark that "that's really the task of diplomacy".

"Obviously from time to time in any relationship, specific issues will arise and I think we have discussed many of those issues," Dr Jaishankar said. To a question whether India's position on international affairs, especially in the context of defence ties with Russia and India's own defence preparedness is well understood by the policy makers in Washington, EAM Jaishankar said: "This (New Delhi meet on June 26) is a start" and there is always room for more work.

For his part, Pompeo also said - "India's position is well understood in Washington....there is a deep keen appreciation" and more so in the context of a large Indian American population who helps American policy makers to understand how new India is evolving. (UNI)