PM Modi flags vision of New India, commitment to democracy

PM Modi flags vision of New India, commitment to democracy

Agency News

New Delhi, Jun 25: Outlining the roadmap of his government for the country’s development, vision of New India and commitment to democratic traditions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday launched a counter offensive against the Congress for imposing Emergency on this day 44 years ago and crushing the soul of the nation.

In his reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address to the joint sitting of Parliament, Prime Minister Modi recalled the dark Emergency period, saying the blot would never go away as the entire nation had been turned into a jail only to save somebody’s government. He said that his party and the government was committed to the Constitution and democracy.

The motion was approved by voice vote by the House after amendments were rejected. The Prime Minister’s address was marked by applause and thumping of desks by members on the treasury benches at regular intervals. His more than hour long reply was heard in rapt attention and without any interruption.

'Who trampled over the spirit of Constitution, gagged the media and bullied the judiciary. It is important to recall that dark period so that people know about the blow dealt to the democracy. In this election, people voted for re-establishing and strengthening democracy after experimenting with our government in the last five years,' he said in his reply that lasted for nearly 70 minutes.

UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi were present in the House during Prime Minister’s reply.

He also used his reply to sharply attack the Congress for its dynastic politics , saying that contribution of other Congress prime ministers were never acknowledged be it Narasimha Rao or Dr Manmohan Singh.

'Did those in power from 2004 to 2014 ever talk about the good work of Atal Ji? Did they ever speak about the good work of Narasimha Rao ji? In this debate the same people did not even speak of Dr Manmohan Singh ji," Mr Modi said.

Perhaps, Mr Modi said, the party in power attained such dizzy heights that it lost sight of the ground. 'We don’t want to reach such heights, we are rooted to the ground and realities. Our government is fully committed to the welfare of the poor and downtrodden,' he said as his party MPs cheered him and thumped their desks in appreciation. (UNI)