Ministers need to respond to issues raised within 30 days: Naidu

Ministers need to respond to issues raised within 30 days: Naidu

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New Delhi, Jun 24: Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaih Naidu on Monday said Ministers will have to respond within 30 days, issues raised during the Zero Hours and Special Mention.

'It is often been observed that the Ministers do not reply to the issues raised by the Members in this House. I have urged them through the leader of the House and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs that the reply must be given within 30 days, else we need to discuss some other ways to find out', Mr Naidu said. Minister for States for Parliamentary Affairs V Muralidharan told the Chair that he will make Parliamentary Affairs Minister aware of this.

The Chairman also suggested that the Members should focus on the issues raised by them and be concise while making their point during Zero Hour or Special Mention. They should not get involved in allegations or counter-allegations as this would lead to deviation from the focus of the discussion making a particular issue irrelevant. He also suggested that the Ministers should give exact reply to the queries raised by the Members.

'It has also been observed that often the Ministers give an elaborate reply to questions. They want to give all information in one go which is not correct”, the Chairman said. During the discussion, CPI (M) member KK Ragesh wanted to raise the issue of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) among the children at Muzaffarpur in Bihar, when he was assured by the Chair that after a notice by him, the issue will be discussed in the House. (UNI)