Need wider debate on lapsed Bills rules in RS: Naidu

Need wider debate on lapsed Bills rules in RS: Naidu

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New Delhi, Jun 21 : Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu on Friday suggested a wider debate on rules relating to the lapsed Bills in the Rajya Sabha."The Rajya Sabha being a continuous House, no Bill introduced there ever lapses. Currently, the pendency in the House stands at 33 Bills," he said.

Mr Naidu said some of the Bills have been pending for decades. The Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill, 1987, has been pending for 32 years. Three bills are pending for more than 20 years, six bills have been pending for 10-20 years and 14 bills for 5-10 years, he added.

"This is certainly not a happy situation. In order to streamline the process, I suggest that if a Bill is not taken up for consideration and passing in Rajya Sabha within five years of introduction, such pending Bills should be treated as deemed to have lapsed,' Mr Naidu said.Mr Naidu further suggested a rethink on whether Bills passed by the Lok Sabha and pending to be introduced in the Rajya Sabha lapse automatically, at the dissolution of the Lok Sabha.

Following the provisions of Article 107 of the Constitution, the Chairman said 22 Bills passed by the 16th Lok Sabha now stand lapsed."I am afraid it would take a minimum of two sessions for doing so. And this means that the efforts of the Lok Sabha for passing these 22 Bills have been rendered a waste," he said, adding that there is a need to rethink the provision regarding the lapse of the Bills in the Rajya Sabha."I suggest a wider debate on the matter of automatic lapsing of Bills in the Rajya Sabha,' he said.