Speaker disapproves members rushing into Well, vows to protect interests of ‘single MP’

Speaker disapproves members rushing into Well, vows to protect interests of ‘single MP’

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New Delhi, Jun 21 : The new Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Friday said it is his solemn responsibility to protect the rights of the members and even a single member will be given time and privilege to raise their concern.
"Things will not be decided based on numbers. The merit of the matters will not be decided by number game. Even if a single member of the House is making a point, his views will be heard. This is what I tried today," Mr Birla said in his first media interaction.
The Speaker's reference was to the first day proceedings as presiding officer when at the request of AIMIM member Asaduddin Owaisi, the division was conducted in the House which voted to decide on the introduction of the much talked about Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019.
The Speaker categorically disapproved the practice of members trooping into the well of the House or displaying of placards. "Raising of Zindabad, Murdabad slogans and displaying of placards can be done outside the House," said Mr Birla, who as second time MP from Kota in Rajasthan was unanimously elected as the Speaker on June 19.
Mr Birla maintained that in the highest tradition of the good office he has inherited was once graced by the likes of G V Mavalankar, he would strive to ensure justice for all members irrespective of their party affiliations.
He said the importance of Standing Committees and their recommendations ought to be appreciated more and efforts will be made to bring about the overall improvement in the functioning of the House by emulating the best practices of parliamentary democracy in other legislative bodies of the world.
In this context, he said, the government should also be more accountable while it responds to member queries or issues raised by them.
"Indian democracy is best known for its transparency and accountability. Let us all strive to turn a new leaf in running the House without any disturbance or interruption," the Speaker said.
Answering a question, the Speaker justified the decision to allow introduction of the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill in the House on Friday even without taking up the Motion of Thanks to President's address.
"All these are decided by the Business Advisory Committee. And when it comes to the business of running the House, rules get precedence over the convention," Mr Birla added.
Mr Birla said he would meet all 265 first time MPs so that they feel at ease in raising problems of their respective constituencies. (UNI)