Modi to perform yoga with people in Ranchi

Modi to perform yoga with people in Ranchi

Agency News

Ranchi, June 20: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of the International Yoga Day will be performing the different ‘aasans’ with the people here for 65 minutes at the Prabhat Tara Grounds.

The Prime Minister who is scheduled to arrive at 10.40 pm today will be
staying at the Raj Bhavan for rest. In the morning he will visit Raj Bhawan at 6. 10 am and will reach the venue at 6.30 am and will be performing Yoga till 7.35 am with more than 35,000 people who are expected to be present at the venue.

In case of more crowd, arrangements have been made at the Nehru stadium where people can also perform Yoga where with the help of LED screens another 7,000 people can see and perform Yoga positions.

For security reasons the entire ground has been divided into six clusters and 44 sectors out of which 8 sectors have been reserved for the VIPs and has been further divided into three categories of VIP-1, VIP-2 and VIP-3. The entry of the dignitaries will be from gate number one and two.

The remaining sectors will be for the common people. However, without pass no one will be allowed inside. Only people with pass can get access to the venue.