New LS Speaker assures impartiality in House

New LS Speaker assures impartiality in House

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New Delhi, June 19: New Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Wednesday said without doubt the chair of the presiding officer should be impartial and also should be seen as such.

In his maiden speech after the customary felicitation following his election, Birla said, ' Yeh peeth, sabhapati ki kursee nishpaksh honi bhi chahiye aur nishpaksh dikhni bhi chahiye.'He assured the members that he would strive to give justice by giving adequate time to all members irrespective of their party affiliation or they are from a small party or large one.

In this context, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly said that governance is not all about numbers but rather it should reflect 'vishwas' (trust) of all concerned.'This is a country which believes in democracy and in a transparent manner people have voted during the recent elections braving scorching heat only shows that the people have immense faith in all of us and that we will have to raise issues concerning them,' he said.

Birla also maintained that in this previous term the Modi government has lived up to people's expectations and 'therefore this government got a larger mandate this time'.Therefore, he said, 'The responsibility of the government has also increased manifold and so has its accountability'. 'I would also like to appeal to the government that they discharge the duties with enhanced responsibility and accountability,' the Speaker said.

Reminding the members that Parliament is the temple of democracy, he however, said often members raise issues which may not come under the jurisdiction of central government or Parliament.

'I will therefore try to emphasise to all of you that we are elected as members of Parliament and so we should raise matters which fall under the Central subject,' he said, adding 'I would also like to urge the government that issues raised by members during Zero Hour and Question Hour should be replied upon with full responsibility'.

Birla hoped that the government will live up to the expectations and went on to add 'from my end, I will also give protection to the members.'He said 'ideologies can be different but all of us are expected to deliver so that country makes progress'. He said India is making progress and thus as elected MPs, the onus is on everyone to function and discharge the respective duties but maintain the parliamentary decorum.