Felicitating new Speaker, TMC raises Centre’s ‘advisories’ bogie

Felicitating new Speaker, TMC raises Centre’s ‘advisories’ bogie

Agency News

New Delhi, Jun 19 : The Trinamool Congress-BJP confrontation vis-a-vis law and order situation in West Bengal and Central Government's advisories to the State figured in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday.
Felicitating newly elected Speaker Om Birla, senior parliamentarian and Trinamool lawmaker Sudip Bandyopadhyay said States should be allowed the freedom and space to discharge their own duties.
"But in many cases we find that the Central Government acts like a government which can govern the whole country and is in the habit of sending many directions and many advisories. Even two advisories in one week," Bandyopadhyay said.
He complained that most often when such issues are 'raised' on the floor of the House, the ruling party does not allow the smaller parties to convey their views in the House.
"I would request you to look at both sides, the left as well as the right," Bandyopadhyay urged the Speaker.
As a member of the House who has been elected more than once, the senior lawmaker said: "I still believe that Parliament should belong to the Opposition mainly, by which parliamentary democratic functioning can be most strengthened".
Bandyopadhyay underlined: "What we feel is that brute majoritarianism sometimes affects the normal functioning of the House and whether a House will function properly or not mostly depends on the Treasury Bench," he remarked.
The just-concluded polls saw fierce and bitter electoral rivalry between state's ruling party and the BJP and after the polls as violence continued in various parts of the state, Union Home Ministry has issued advisories to the Mamata Banerjee government. (UNI)