Era of hardcore politics is phasing out, says Prime Minister

Era of hardcore politics is phasing out, says Prime Minister

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New Delhi, Jun 19: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the era of "hardcore politics" is gradually phasing out though there is still a perception that people in political life only abuse each other.
"Hardcore politics ka zamana karib karib chala ja raha hae (Days of hardcore politics are certainly and gradually phasing out)," Prime Minister said in the Lok Sabha while felicitating the newly elected Speaker Om Birla.
Mr Modi said, "In modern times, a new trend is being appreciated that if those in politics also get involved in social service, their recognition comes faster".
In this context, he said while it is natural to link and debate Mr Birla's political career as people's representative, but it is also a fact the Kota MP has focused his activities more into social service.
The Prime Minister appreciated Mr Birla's social service in achieving the transformation of the image and life in Kota.
"Om Birla is a person whose contribution has been for social service. I recall his service during the Kutch region in 2001 quake and Kedarnath floods (2013)," Mr Modi said amid thumping of desks.
However, Mr Modi said politics is generally viewed with a prism that only talks about one-upmanship and "Tu Tu Mein Mein (infightings)" and nothing other than these get highlighted in public space.
In his speech, Prime Minister said - "I on behalf of the government and the treasury benches assure you full support in conducting the House. I also assure you that your order will prevail".
Mr Modi said if there are lapses on the part of the treasury bench, the Speaker must be 'tough (drita)' and "we will welcome your intervention".
Making a cause for less number of elections, he said usually troubles start in the House on the eve of elections and as every three months there are elections in the country, tension is bound to be reflected in the Lower House of Parliament as well.
It is worth mentioning that later in the day the Prime Minister chaired a meeting of political parties on the theme 'One Nation, One Election' though Congress and other parties including Trinamool Congress stayed away from it. (UNI)