Oppn need not bother about their numbers: PM

Oppn need not bother about their numbers: PM

Agency News

New Delhi, June 17: Hopeful of a smooth functioning of Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said Parliament functioning smoothly will help fulfil numerous aspirations of people of the country.

Talking to reporters ahead of the commencement of the opening session of the new Lok Sabha, the PM said,”My experience suggests that when the Parliament functions smoothly, we are able to fulfil numerous aspirations of the people of India.”

The PM said the role of the opposition was important in a Democracy. “The role of an Opposition and an active Opposition is important in a Parliamentary democracy. The Opposition need not bother about their numbers. I hope they speak actively and participate in house proceedings,’’ the PM said.

He expressed hope that the public welfare will be the priority for everyone. Modi also expressed happiness over the fact that the new Lok Sabha has a large number of women MPs.
He said the 17 Lok Sabha witnessed maximum participation of women voters.