Monsoon advances towards north

Monsoon advances towards north


The monsoon is expected to advance further towards the north as Cyclone Vayu loses intensity,  the Meteorological Department has said, paving the way for the wind system to move towards the Arabian Sea.

By now, monsoon should have reached Central India, including parts of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, eastern Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, but it is yet to reach Maharashtra. It still hangs over Mangalore, Mysore and Cuddalore over the southern peninsula and Passighat, Agartala in the northeast, said the IMD.

The western coast, from Maharashtra to Gujarat, has been receiving rain because of the cyclone. Only coastal Karnataka and Kerala have received rains due to the monsoon. Vayu is expected to cross the Gujarat coast on Monday evening as a depression and this will pave the way for monsoon winds to move up towards the Arabian Sea.

The monsoon arrived in Kerala on June 8, nearly a week after its usual arrival date.

'The monsoon's advance was halted due to Cyclone Vayu and as its intensity decreases, we expect monsoon to progress in the next 2-3 days,' said Devendra Pradhan, IMD Additional Director General.

It said conditions are becoming favourable for further advance of the southwest monsoon to more parts of central Arabian Sea, Karnataka and the remaining parts of Tamil Nadu.