Delhi doctors’ ultimatum to Mamata

Delhi doctors’ ultimatum to Mamata


Resident doctors o of Delhi's prestigious AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospitals, who boycotted work on Friday in protest against attacks on their Kolkata colleagues, have now given a 48-hour ultimatum to the West Bengal Chief Minister, Ms.  Mamata Banerjee, to meet the demands of the doctors, or face an indefinite strike.

Members of the AIIMS Resident Doctors Association (RDA), who resumed work on Saturday, said that if their demands are not met within 48 hours, they would be forced to resort to an indefinite strike.

'We condemn the hostile and unapologetic attitude of the  West Bengal Government and our protest at AIIMS, New Delhi will continue until justice is meted out,' they said.

' We hope that our colleagues across the country  will join us in this hour of need,' the AIIMS RDA said.
They also expressed their gratitude to the Union Health Minister, Dr.  Harsh Vardhan, for his prompt and proactive steps to resolve the impasse.

'We sincerely hope that he will address this matter of utmost importance with the urgency that it merits,' they said.

The Safdarjung Hospital RDA president, Dr.  Parakash Thakur, also echoed similar feelings on the matter.

The doctors, however, will continue to wear helmets and bandages  at work as a sign of protest .

The ultimatum  comes days after Ms. Banerjee gave a four-hour ultimatum to the striking doctors in her state to withdraw their agitation