Nigerian arrested for duping people

Nigerian arrested for duping people

Agency News

New Delhi, June 14: Delhi Police cyber crime unit 'CyPAD' has arrested a Nigerian national for allegedly duping several people of crores of rupees in the country, police said on Thursday.

According to police, this major scam has allegedly affected dozens of people all over the country as they were duped on the pretext of sale and purchase of Folinic B12 Oil.The man behind the scam has been identified as 39-year-old Gilbert Okoye Pedro, a Nigerian national who pretended to be a mediator in the fictional sale and purchase of the product between the Indian victims and the Ghanian company.

The scam has its roots in Macau which originated there almost a decade ago. So far, two victims, who have been collectively duped of more than Rs. 1.5 crores, filed complaints against him.

The police acted upon a complaint received at Cyber Crime Unit, Delhi, in which the complainant, a resident of Vellore, Tamil Nadu, had alleged that he received a LinkedIn connection request from a man who claimed to be one Raphael Hougbendji from Ghana, working as a PRO at Animal Welfare Zoological Ltd. in Ghana.

He proposed a lucrative business to the complainant, of exporting herbal vaccination products (Folinic B12 Oil) from India to Ghana, the complainant had alleged. The accused followed a unique modus-operandi , wherein he contacted people through Linkedin and then used to meet the victims in person to win their trust and thus inducing them to part with a larger sum of money.

During probe it was revealed that Pedro alias Ifeanyi had come to India back in 2010 on a business Visa and there after never went back to his native country. He was staying in India illegally, the police added.

During the probe it was also revealed that the money deposited in various accounts by the victims was transferred to different bank accounts by the accused person and finally withdrawn from ATMs in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

The cash was then used in connivance with his associates to buy different goods, including clothes, shoes, and even human hair (which apparently has a huge market in Nigeria, for hair extension and wig manufacturing).

These goods were shipped to Nigeria and sold there at profit.Further probe in the case is under progress ,while more victims are also being identified and other members of the syndicate are being traced, the police said. (UNI)