Even without one seat, Kerala will be like Varanasi for me: Modi

Even without one seat, Kerala will be like Varanasi for me: Modi

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Guruvayur, Jun 8: In his first ever public meeting after becoming Prime Minister for a second term,Mr Narendra Modi said his NDA government would strive for the development of the nation and progress of each of the 130 crore people and thanked for all those who voted for the party to power and even those who could not .“ I know ,Kerala did not open account in the last election but i will consider it like my constituency of Varanasi in getting all care for my government”, the Prime Minister said while addressing an Abhinandan rally after offering prayers at the Sree Krishna temple here.

Mr Modi said his government is committed to take care of all, irrespective of their ideology and political thinking. Once the election is over and a new government is in power, there is no discrimination against those who voted against. “Our government is not working after assessing who voted for us and who not”, he said.

“Election and victory is not the criteria, but it is the service to the nation. The progress of the whole nation is his aim and Kerala will not be left alone”, he said during his 30 minute speech.The Prime Minister did not criticise the left government but simply expressed regret over the state government in not joining the Ayushman Bharat scheme in which Rs 5 lakh would be given to each every year for critical treatment.He began his speech in Malayalam wishing everyone the blessings of Guruvayurappan and said as native of Gujarat he was lucky to worship Lord Krishna ,who grew up in Dwaraka,Mr Modi said.

Considerable importance is attached as he chose Guruvayur as the first place to visit and address a public rally after the landslide majority of his party in the recent elections. Although he did not make any significant announcement, he gave an indication that the Centre would extend all assistance to the progress of the temple (UNI)